Cartoon character Garfield Present in Video Games

You know, a cat lazy and likes to eat very well with ‘co-star’ a dog named Oddie innocent?

Yes, the cat is Garfield. Although not one of the characters from animation companies such as Walt Disney and Warnes Bros., but the character Garfield created by Jim Davis many years ago was able to capture the attention of children and even adults around the world.

And now, not only popularity Garfield film world, but also penetrated into the gaming world, one of which is Garfield’s Diner. This game is very similar to the restaurant game Dinner Dash.

As a player, duty to serve the visitors who come in and make them feel at home by the services provided. You have to do it all quickly before your customers start one by one left the restaurant. Because of this game relies on the speed of the hand and also patience.

Although the restaurant is owned by Garfield, in fact the waitress in this game is a man named Jon. Jon you must move as quickly as possible in serving the customers. Customers will enter through the front door and will sit in the waiting room.

Not long after sitting down, the customer wants a meal in your restaurant. At the beginning of the game, the menu is available only Pizza, Pasta, and Coffee. All these dishes have a different booth. Continue reading “Cartoon character Garfield Present in Video Games”

Marijuana Can Reduce IQ Level

Until now, marijuana is one of the plants constantly get sharp focus of the various parties. Has many argue that marijuana does not fall within the category of narcotics and illegal drugs because the positive effects on the body, but not a few who claim that the so-called Cannabis plant has a negative impact on the body, especially the performance of the human brain.

In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, researchers had found that teens who started sucking marijuana before age 18 years and use it constantly until the age of 38 years, will experience a decline in IQ. But experts did not find a significant change in the users who started using marijuana after the age of 18.

“IQ-lowering effects in adolescents due to the use of cannabis is actually quite limited,” said Madeline Meier, a research fellow at Duke University in New Zealand. “Our hypothesis states that decreased IQ in teens caused by the growth and development of the adolescent brain. If they are using marijuana at that age, it could be the growth of the brain can be a little distracted. ”
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Disconnect from the relationship for years, It Could Tips for Dating Again

Close to the new man after breaking up from a relationship that endured for many years can be a scary thing. Currently you may dilemma, whether to get closer to the man or permanent memory of a former lover.

It has a feeling more of the former is reasonable, especially if you and he romantically involved during a long time. However, time is running, you can not get stuck in the memories of a former lover and past relationships. Now it’s time you open your heart to someone else. Before you can open up, these tips, as summarized eHow.

1. Introspecting
Before melangkan into a new relationship, you need time to yourself first. Give time to grieve and self introspection. Analysis back what has happened in past relationships. Think back to what makes relationships fail and contribute what you have done so far in the relationship. Ponder also the kind of relationship you want in the future.

2. Make sure the relationship with the Beloved It Ends Continue reading “Disconnect from the relationship for years, It Could Tips for Dating Again”

Enter Hobbit World Through The Hobbit: Kingdom

Less than a week, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has managed to occupy the first rank ladder box office films. The film depicts the lives and adventures of Bilbo Baggins (Hobbit who inherit the ‘One Ring’ to Frodo Baggins in LOTR) also scored highest revenue movies are released in December. Beating the previous film, starring Will Smith “I Am Legend”.

For those of you who can not wait to go back  enjoy second film “The Hobbit: Desoaltion of Smaug” which will air in December next year, to try to play a game about The Hobbit on your cell phone, the game is titled The Hobbit: Kingdoms.

The Hobbit: Kingdoms will not take you into the journey of Bilbo Baggins for The One Ring, but it is a strategy simulation game where you will build up a kingdom that can control the entire Middle Earth.

Early start this game, you must choose to be a nation Dwarf or Elf. After that, you will be given a brief tutorial on how to play this game The Hobbit. If you choose the nation Dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield it will guide you. However, if you choose Elf, Legolas who will give a tutorial. Continue reading “Enter Hobbit World Through The Hobbit: Kingdom”

Traditional Medicines for Flu Prevention

Substitution season is often accompanied by flu outbreaks. Of course, many choices of drugs sold in the market to overcome the pain of this one. But for those of you who prefer a natural remedy there are several options you can take.

Medicines made from cooking in the kitchen, it is easy to obtain and are also easily processed. So do not depend on the drugs on the market. This universe has tremendous wealth, we live in it would make use of it or not.

1. Iron
Iron is an essential mineral that is needed more than 300 enzymes in the body. Iron can be found in foods such as meat, liver, seafood and eggs. Currently also available in the form of pills and syrups. Why iron helpful? This substance has the effect of strengthening the immune system, mood, sex life and health associated with breathing. When you get the flu symptoms start, add iron intake in your diet. As a bonus, a little iron can help reduce the symptoms of flu.
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Ideal Anti-Aging Products for Those Are Just Hit By Those Embarrassing Signs

Is it that you have just started noticing some fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots? If yes, then it’s time to change your daily routine for including some key anti-aging products that can remove sun damage and increase collagen production. Here are some suggested products that you can add to your skincare regimen.

An Antioxidant Serum

Although you may be using a good sunscreen for your defense, it is certainly not the only thick shield to consider. You also need to consider using antioxidants like resveratrol, Vitamin E, and vitamins C. It is advisable to use serum rich in antioxidants to prevent or heal damage due to sun and pollution, which normally includes damage to cells and collagen. Such a serum also boosts collagen production. It may be so that your sunscreen is having antioxidants but you need a product that has a higher share. Continue reading “Ideal Anti-Aging Products for Those Are Just Hit By Those Embarrassing Signs”

Know Your Baby Milk Bottle Code

Plastic materials used for baby bottles are not always safe. To find a plastic that you use is safe or not, it’s good to know the code behind the milk bottle.

In addition to choosing the right bottle mothers should also be required to understand the code letter or symbol below code bottle as a symbol of the triangle that determines the type of plastic material. Here’s some code that quoted by Reuters.

PET / PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate
This material is used for packaging such as transparent plastic bottle for mineral water. These bottles are safe to use for disposable and do not put hot or warm water.

HDPE or High Density Polyethylene
This material is used for white milk bottle milk. As PET material is recommended for use only once.

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Bike With BMX Boy

Are you one of the extreme sports enthusiasts and action show like somersaults bicycle ? If true, then you should try one theme BMX game that can be played on Android devices. This game is titled BMX Boy.

Developed by Runner Games, BMX Boy a story about a boy who wants proficient in riding his BMX bike. Not just driving, he also wanted to be able to make movements that attractive when he jumps with his bike. Your task is to help the boy to ride a bike while passing through many obstacles to get to the destination.

The most fundamental thing to play a game is a matter of control. Use the controls in the game BMX Boy is not at all difficult. Later you will be given two virtual control buttons, one on the bottom left of your screen, and another is located on the right under screen. Continue reading “Bike With BMX Boy”

Erectile Dysfunction In Men Large Waisted

The man with a large waist are at increased risk of sexual dysfunction and frequent urination.

Thus the results of a recent study by researchers of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center, USA.

The study’s senior investigator, Dr. Steven A. Kaplan, E. Darracott Vaughan Jr., Professor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medical College of Iris Cantor Men’s Health Center and Head of the Institute for Bladder and Prostate Health at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, says the first study conducted comprehensively shows that obesity in men affects not only the heart and metabolism, but also sexual and urine tract.
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Infant Safe Sleep Together

Not a few parents who choose to sleep apart with their babies. Though there’s nothing wrong mom and dad sleep with their baby, just so you know tips on how to stay safe and comfortable, as reported she knows:

Do not Sleep Too Soft in Places
Waterbed is not recommended for use as a bed. Wear a bed that is not too soft. Do not also use pillows and bolsters. If placed on the surface is too soft, the baby will have difficulty breathing.

If the mother was not exactly comfortable with the baby next door, she can buy an extra bed. Extra beds can be put together a special baby or put the bed right next to mom. With this bed, the baby has more room to move freely, but the mother was not difficult to reach when he woke up and fed.
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