Assassin’s Creed 3 Experience the American Land

After waiting quite a long time while playing the role of Altair and Ezio Auditore in the last two adventures, eventually gamers around the world will be able to taste a new world in the third series of Assassin’s Creed. Yes, playing as Connor Kenway, Assassin’s Creed III will bring the war to the American Revolution in the 18th century as the main theme.

Starting from childhood Connor lives in a beautiful village, her life was full of tranquility and peace. But everything changed after the colonial attack, full residential fire. That’s when Connor becomes an Assassin journey began.

Later you will be able to see the skill of the Assassin Connor looks well used to help fight America, including a great help in the fight against bears and wolves.

Yes, besides crawling with soldiers in the Assassin’s Creed 3 also contained wild animals such as bears and wolves. If you want to challenge other areas are also still available high to climb and has a beautiful view when you’re ready to make the leap leave the iconic Assassin’s Creed called “Leap of Faith”.
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Teens Most at Risk For Extreme Diet

Teens generally have poor eating habits. They usually often eat junk food, fast food, follow a diet for just a fad, stopped eating, and not getting the nutritious food needed by the body. Nutritionists said that extreme eating habits as it would be very dangerous.

A survey ever conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded that extreme dietary habits of adolescents, along with smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, and casual sex would be at risk for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Adolescent eating habits and irregular extreme will also lead to serious health problems, even causing them to die.

Should they obtain nutrients for growth is usually absent. Very little attention to their diet intake of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, iron, and zinc. While parents can not always keep an eye on what they eat because the teens were already affected by the way he did.
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Equipment Mandatory Serving During Holidays

When you have started to experience boredom in the daily routine, the holidays can be one of the answers to be able to restore your spirit. For some people who want to really relax tense nerves, holiday exploring the natural is one of the best options.

However, an intense preparation we need to do before making nature. Starting from physical exercise in order to maintain stamina and avoid illness during a vacation, as well as the tools they need us in order to bring a more optimal vacation without being disturbed any one thing.

The existence of the equipment can be one of the most crucial. Because you do not know the terrain or obstacle that you will face. Here are some tools and equipment that you must take, in order to make your vacation a more optimal, as released by the site Uniqpost.

Folding chair

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Exciting Adventures in Video Game Beastie Bay

After successfully issued the previous Kairosoft games Sushi Spinnery and Kairobotika some time ago, mobile game developers are now re-launched its newest game, beastie Bay. Almost the same with other simulation games, this game invite you to build an unknown island with your pet.

The game begins when a young boy with a pet dog, stranded on an island unknown location. You, who plays the character of a man who was stranded was eventually decided to build the island is completely uninhabited.

The main idea of ??the Beastie Bay is bringing you into a mix of town simulation games and pet simulation or pokemon. Where in town simulation, you are required to develop the island you inhabit and explore the surrounding islands. While the game pokemon, you can complain pet, pet capture and even give weapons to pet them.

If in the view of the town simulation, this game is quite interesting. You are in demand to build houses, so people want to live on your island. Not only that, you also have to build wells, farms, up to the pier for tourists interested in visiting your island.
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Increasingly Early Age Child Reaches Puberty

A child will show early signs of puberty, such as voice began to change, growing hairs on certain areas and breasts enlarged to a girl. For a girl, the signs usually appear by age 10 years and over and the boys, usually slower, ie at the age of 11 years and above.
But this time, the tendency for the child reaches puberty occurs at an increasingly early age, some girls have been experiencing puberty at age reached 7 years. And this can sometimes make them confused and difficult to deal with circumstances that are still new.

Why would a child tend to experience puberty in an earlier age? The experts at the Swedish Institute of Karonlinska trying to find answers from a variety of different angles. Previously, there have been several theories put forward by the experts to answer questions. Currently 12 European expert team was doing research for another three years and are expected to know the root of the problem and look for the most likely cause for this problem. Continue reading “Increasingly Early Age Child Reaches Puberty”

Aircraft Simulation Game Best Android

Aircraft Simulation Game Best AndroidNot only pilots have important role at the airport, but also an ATC. ATC Air Traffic Controller or an air traffic controller whose primary task to prevent the plane too close to each other and avoid collisions (making separation).

For those of you who want to try to become an ATC, can try some of the following Android games.

Air Control Lite

The first game that you can play is the Air Traffic Controller. Your role here is to ensure the state of the airport and its surroundings safe, making it easier for a flight or landing aircraft.

This game also has a few unique elements of puzzle games for the airport trajectory shape is diverse forms so your job to steer the aircraft properly and avoid collisions will be more difficult.
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Metabolic Syndrome in Adolescents

The term metabolic syndrome began aggressively touted in recent years. This is due to the increasing of people who are overweight (obese). A person is said to have metabolic syndrome if found at least 3 following signs are high blood triglyceride levels, high blood sugar levels, HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) is low in the blood, high blood pressure and a large waistline.

Teens who are overweight and obese, one-third were suffering from metabolic syndrome. The metabolic syndrome will increase a person’s risk for heart disease and diabetes (diabetes).
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Duxter, Social Media Special Hardcore Gamer

There are so many social networks that have sprung up in recent years. Call it the Facebook which is where people around the world socialize, or LinkedIn which is a gathering place for professional workers.

And now comes Duxter (startup), the work of Adam Lieb. Washington University graduate student wanted to make this new company as a gathering place for addicts and games enthusiasts around the world.

It also has a lot of similar social networking site focused on games, but Lieb said that social networking is only focusing on specific aspects of the experience of enjoying games. For example, as the place to share your Raptr game statistics and achievements in playing games.

Unlike the case with Duxter, because in addition to incorporating elements of playing the recording of achievement, it will also support a number of features to interact socially. Yes, the main purpose Lieb did want to make it a platform for all those who love the world of games and also of course love to interact socially on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Continue reading “Duxter, Social Media Special Hardcore Gamer”

Child Malnutrition Affects Behavior

Poor nutrition as a child will bring bad effects on the physical health of a child. But it was not just a physical problem, but also can cause children to have behavior problems when she was a teenager.

So that was visible from a study of about 1,600 children in the islands of Mauritius, who suffered malnutrition, lack of protein, zinc, iron and vitamin B, when they are three years old. And after age 8, 11 and 17 years old, they tend to have behavior problems are manifold.

These children tend to behave badly in school, fighting, breaking school rules and other behavioral problems as they grow up. They generally have a level of intelligence (IQ) is lower, which is a sign of a deficit or lack of neuro-cognitive brain due to malnutrition and this may be the cause of the problem behavior. Continue reading “Child Malnutrition Affects Behavior”

Sex education

Sex education is a description of the sexuality issues that are informed clearly and correctly, including the:

Pregnancy until birth
Sexual behavior
Sexual intercourse
Aspects of health, psychological, and social.
Sex education aims to help young people to face life’s problems related to the sexual drive. The issue of sex education should be given in accordance with the norms prevailing in society, such as what is prohibited, what is allowed, and how to do it without violating the norms prevailing in society.

Sex education should be given by parents from an early age when children start asking about the difference between himself and the genitals of the opposite sex. Providing sex education to children in stages, tailored to the needs, age, and the child’s comprehension.
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