Preparing Milk milk

Give milk to your baby need to be prepared as well, although it does not require the preparation of a long time. With preparation, milk will come out smoothly and if you want to save it first before giving it to your baby, what to do?

Milk (pumping manually)

Put your thumb on top of the areola and the other fingers on the bottom of the areola (areola = dark area around the nipple).
Tap into the chest (do not massage the skin / breast bone), then press and off for a few minutes to stimulate reflex milk.
Repeat until milk comes out.
Milk that has been issued are usually accommodated in special sterile containers.  Milk is accommodated in a container are not sterile can be infected with germs that cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, make sure you store the milk in a sterile container and give it with a bottle of milk that has been sterilized as well. If it were not breastfed will be given directly to the baby, save it first in the refrigerator (cooler). Milk stored in the refrigerator can last for 2×24 hours, while when stored at normal room temperature only lasted for about 5 hours. Moreover, breastfeeding is damaged and should not be given to infants.

” The Kiss” which started Puberty

New research reveals how a child begins to enter puberty. This period started by a molecule called kisspeptin, which is produced by a gene called” kiss-1 gene” (KISS-1”), which triggers a series of hormonal adolescents entering puberty.

These findings may explain why hormonal systems are active when a person is born, being” asleep” during childhood and began to” wake up” at the time of puberty.

The research was conducted using monkeys, which have reproductive systems similar to humans. From previous studies showed that a gene called GPR54 causes delay puberty when the gene is in a state of perfect (defect). Puberty begins with the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which stimulates the sex organs (ovaries in women and testes in men) to make sex hormones. Continue reading “” The Kiss” which started Puberty”

Music Affect IQ and EQ in Children

We may often hear the debate about IQ and EQ. If the first person is often extolled IQ then present many opinions expressed about the role of EQ is more important than IQ. But, what is the IQ and EQ it?

IQ stands for Intelligent Quotient and EQ stands for Emotional Quotient. Simply put, IQ can be described as the ability to acquire academic skills and knowledge. When a child’s IQ is high, it is as if happiness is in sight. But, the first opinion. Apparently a high IQ does not necessarily guarantee a child to be happy, and conversely a low IQ is also not necessarily lead to a child’s emotional or moral failing.

What about EQ? EQ is a measure of the quality of one’s emotional to see such empathy, feelings, self-reliance, and solidarity.

Research shows that music greatly affects the level of a child’s IQ and EQ. Children who frequently listen to music turned out to have a value of IQ and EQ higher than children who rarely or never listen to music. This is because music stimulates the brain so as to assist the development of communication, social, and emotional child.
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How to Use Digital Thermometer?

It is part of the advancement of technology where the mercury thermometer began to be replaced by other ways that are relatively more secure.

Digital thermometers are usually equipped with a sound (eg beep) that will tell you that temperature measurement has been completed. Measurement is generally the same as the measurement using conventional thermometers (mercury), it’s just that you do not need to look at the clock to know when a temperature measurement is complete.

However, make it a habit to read first the instructions supplied by the manufacturer that the thermometer. Because maybe you buy a thermometer that require different ways to use.

Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Sexual behavior of young people is basically the same as adults. Relieves annoying sexual appetite that sometimes is a problem for teenagers because it often causes them to not concentrate on his studies. One form is through masturbation.

Masturbation is a way of achieving satisfaction by stimulating yourself, especially organ cock, and usually the teenagers will experience the satisfaction of having done it. Masturbation behavior can arise due to sexual tension during puberty. In general circumstances that arise in men who have not married because sex drive is so big.

Judging from the health sciences or medical, real masturbation? Normal behavior and can occur in a person’s sexual activity. Masturbation is also an act which is natural and humane and fair if someone did. Physically, there is actually no bad consequences that may arise as a result of masturbation. Continue reading “Adolescent Sexual Behavior”

Baby Bathing Tips

Pour cold water into the tub, then add enough hot water to reach temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius for up to 2 months old baby, and then gradually lower the temperature to 27 degrees Celsius for babies over 2 months.
Fill the tub with water as high as approximately 7.5 cm from the bottom of the tub.
For newborns, first clean the eyes with cotton that has been soaked in lukewarm water. Clean the baby’s eyes from the eye to the tip of the nose, use a different cotton for each eye.
Clean up all the little nostrils slowly with cotton buds which have been first dipped in clean water.
Replace the cotton in each nostril. Be careful, do not put cotton buds too deep.
Then wash also leaves your child’s ear with cotton buds that have given baby oil. Do not insert cotton buds into the ear hole, clean the outer ear only.
Before cleaning the body, gradually open the baby clothes. At first open shirt top, then baby diapers or pants.
Clean the baby’s genitals and buttocks with round cotton that has been soaked in water. Clean any pleats.
Then start soaping her hair and baby’s entire body, especially the folds of the legs, thighs, arms and neck by using baby soap.
Measure the temperature of the water back into the tub. Then slide your left hand down the neck of the child, and hold on tight armpit. child nape with Mrs. wrist, and held her with his right mother. Continue reading “Baby Bathing Tips”

The idea of ​​holiday fun Together Little

After a tired bunch, holiday to be one of the most popular ways to raise morale back. Determine not only have holidays abroad, especially to expensive places. More fun again, if the holiday can also be enjoyed as a child.

To help you decide which holiday fun with your child, consider the following ideas, as quoted from Sheknows and eHow,

Relaxation to the SPA

Spa is the most favored activities of women, in addition to shopping. You can use this idea to make the body relax, while on vacation with your daughter. While relaxing a massage, fill time by talking from the heart, so as to increase your intimacy with her.

Go camping

Camping is one of the most convenient and affordable enough to treat fatigue. Camping with your baby in the yard or in Cibubur Campgrounds, Valley Cisarua Earth in Bogor and Resort Camp Site is located at the Safari Park, could be your alternative. Some places camper usually offers some interesting activities, such as fishing, swimming, boating, or outbound. Continue reading “The idea of ​​holiday fun Together Little”

Thalassemia, the Creator Anemia

For most parents, having a child with thalassemia is a very heavy burden, both moral and material. Because, in addition should continue to monitor the growth and development of the child, the costs required for blood transfusions is also quite expensive, can spend millions of dollars each month.

Thalassemia is a blood disorder hereditary (genetic). In this case, the red blood cells are not normally produced by the body and broken faster than normal red blood cells. As a result, throughout life people are forced to rely on donor blood supply in order to prolong its life.

In general, we divide into thalassemia major and thalassemia thalassemia minor (also called thalassemia trait / trait carrier). Generally, patients with thalassemia minor do not feel any symptoms. Only occasionally experience mild iron deficiency anemia. Fortunately again, not all patients with thalassemia minor or carrier would later develop thalassemia major. The possibility for almost nothing.
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Antibiotics effective Acne Lotion

All people must have got acne, especially for teenagers who are entering puberty. And often to deal with, various kinds of drugs, including antibiotics. It turns out-the-counter drugs, namely lotions that contain benzoyl peroxide, effective in treating acne, as effective as treatment with antibiotics.

The results of the research in the UK is quite surprising compared to the previous five previous studies, which are considered more effective antibiotics to treat acne. The research was conducted by comparing the effectiveness of two types of oral antibiotics (taken) that oxytetracycline and Minosilin, single topical antibiotics (topical) is Erythromycin, the antimicrobial benzoyl peroxide lotion and lastly, a combination of drugs erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide topical.

All patients who totaled 650 people, aged around 19 years, was given one of the five treatment mentioned above. Recovery is seen within the first 6 weeks of treatment. Cure rates look similar to the five types of treatment. Therefore, the researchers said that the use of benzoyl peroxide lotion, or with erythromycin, as effective with oral antibiotics. Continue reading “Antibiotics effective Acne Lotion”

Lightweight sport for Baby

Your child is not yet at the age of 1 year, it can be encouraged to exercise, even if it is only mild exercise. The importance of exercise for infants has been discussed previously. How to exercise for your child:

Body control exercises, to train a baby to crawl down the sloping surface (for babies who are adept at crawling). Sloping surface can be propped mattress bolsters.
Put the baby in a sitting position in a special box or plastic rings play, practice holding it up.
Train passed small room, with the help of tire round swimming, teach him to crawl past him.
Strengthen the hands and abdomen, with the rest on the knees and palms, teach baby grabbing toys placed some distance from him.