PASI … What actually ??

PASI stands for BMS (ASI), and generally in the form of milk formula. PASI is a baby food to meet the nutritional needs for growth and development. PASI can be given in circumstances where the baby should be separated from his mother, for example if the mother is seriously ill or infectious. In such circumstances, the baby can be provided PASI according to the instructions your doctor or health worker.

PASI way to give to the baby should use in retailing PASI dose corresponding to the labels on cans or packs PASI. The water used to dilute the PASI is water that has been cooked to a boil. Equipment used to dilute and give PASI should also be rinsed with hot or boiling water.

Besides giving PASI, other complementary foods should also be given to meet the nutritional needs of the baby. However, there are some disadvantages due to the provision for babies PASI, among others:

Babies do not gain immunity substances that exist in breast milk so it can increase the risk of infection
Threat of malnutrition if not in accordance with the instructions given on the use of PASI
Threat of obesity when given in excess PASI Continue reading “PASI … What actually ??”

Benefits of Coffee for the Body

Coffee, the world’s favorite beverage it gives a lot of benefits for the body. What is it?


According to researchers at Harvard, consuming six or more cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of diabetes. 54% for men, and 30% for women.

Other research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed consumption of four cups or more per day in the elderly have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes is lower than that rarely consume coffee.

Because in addition to caffeine, coffee also contains antioxidants, and minerals that improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.
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Overload child?

Children who have a bright future is the dream of all parents. Therefore, today’s kids have so many activities outside of school, including tutoring lessons lessons (tutoring math, computer tutoring, English tutoring, etc.), tutoring (piano lessons, ballet lessons, tutoring painting, swimming lessons , martial arts tutoring, etc.). But a hectic schedule as it can make the child become overloaded, so it can make them feel stressed and depressed.

1 in 4 school-age children suffer from stress due to excessive activity. Children need so that they can experiment with its activity, then freed to choose which one she likes. Experts argue that children do not have 3 events at a time, such as 1 social activities, sports activities 1, and 1 activity to improve the skills they have.

However, if you find a child feel depressed, do:

Monitor your child’s behavior
Note any your child’s behavior. Rude attitude, a striking change of feeling (for a while he will feel depressed, then happy, then sad again), performance decreases, dietary changes, difficulty sleeping child is a sign of stress. Continue reading “Overload child?”

Exercising Without Unobstructed Hot Weather

Do not let the hot weather interfere with your daily routine, especially in sports. Hot weather will not reduce home exercise can choose the right time, doing preparation and wear clothes that fit before starting to sweat under the sweltering temperatures.

Considering most of the body consists of fluids, it should be kept hydrated while exercising in hot weather. When exercising on a very hot day, lost body fluids increased 2-fold compared to normal days.

Reduced body fluids not only increase the body temperature, but also reduce the amount of energy produced by the cells of the body.

Sweating will also speed up your heart rate to 3-5 beats per minute for any loss of water by 1%. In the end, the exercise performed was heavier than usual.

Here are tips to stay comfortable exercising in hot weather: Continue reading “Exercising Without Unobstructed Hot Weather”

Black rice Helpful

Brown rice has a stout health benefits for our bodies. Similarly, black rice is known to prevent and cure various diseases. Black rice can only be found in Asia, and did not experience the milling process many times as you would on regular white rice.

Past, through ancient China, black rice is only limited in the palace.

Research in China, black rice had higher levels of vitamins, microelements and amino acids that are higher than all the rice we normally encounter.

Black color indicates this rice has a high pigment. This pigment containing aleurone and endospermia that can produce anthocyanin useful as anticarcinogenic substances, increases platelet levels and has a high antioxidant.
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Trains are wheeled stroller is called “third hand” a young couple who have a baby or toddler. Thanks to your stroller without having to move freely tired carrying your baby thither. Put your baby in the stroller and he was safe and comfortable in it.

Various stroller that exist today can be classified into 3 types:

Universal stroller

Baby stroller types are common, but some of them have seats that can also function as a car seat. So when it will move to the car or vice versa, you do not need to lift your child out of his seat.

Twin stroller

According to its function, this stroller is for you who have twins. Anyone have a seat next to each other for each other twins or holder lined back for triplets or more. Continue reading “Stroller”

More Like Beautiful Women Fake Orgasm

An online dating site called, Smooch, recently polled about 30 thousand women fake orgasms.

There are some interesting findings obtained from the survey, some of which are, apparently the internet is dominated by beautiful women who admitted often fake orgasms.

And beautiful women should not have to do it, since they should also have no problems with her confidence.

Moreover, based on the poll results, their peers who are less attractive it does not have a problem with orgasm during sex with a partner. It indicates that their confidence levels are very good.

The poll results also showed that one in three women admitted often fake orgasms during sex with her husband. That was done with full sincerity so it looks like a really experienced an orgasm, so that his partner did not realize that it was just a hoax.

So, what is the reason for these beautiful women do fake orgasms? Continue reading “More Like Beautiful Women Fake Orgasm”

High Fibre Consumption Prevents risk of preeclampsia

Pregnant women who increased consumption of high fiber 5 grams per day can reduce the risk of preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a serious complication of pregnancy, and potentially fatal, is characterized by high blood pressure, rapid weight gain, protein in the urine after 20 weeks of gestation. Dramatic changes in blood lipids may precede these conditions.

A doctor from Seatlle and colleagues found high fiber consumption before and during pregnancy greatly reduces the risk of preeclampsia in women in 1538 who were monitored during pregnancy. Sixty-four of them had preeclampsia. Continue reading “High Fibre Consumption Prevents risk of preeclampsia”


Specialist child is not an unfamiliar term to be heard. Some children have to deal with this one doctor. A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the skills to cope with a variety of diseases that affect the baby.

But it turns out there are more pediatricians specializing longer a perinatology expert. Perinatology what the heck is that?

The term comes from the word perinatal perinatology. Perinatal period before a baby is born until one month after birth. This period is a crucial time in the life of someone remembering a lot of things have changed in this period. So, is the study perinatology things related to perinatal.

Before birth, the baby is in a comfortable and secure environment. He is in the mother’s womb is warm and safe. Once born, everything instantly changed. He was faced with a constantly changing environment, and he must learn to adapt to it. Colder temperatures, more dazzling light and lots of other things he has to face. Not to mention the invasion of germs that attack.
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Feng Shui Bedroom, Energy To Start Today

The bedroom is a room that used to rest after a day activities. Therefore, it is appropriate that the bedroom is designed as comfortable as possible.

The placement of bedroom furniture that’s all that does not fit or placement can make the mood was not so good when you open the door. It never hurts to make a few changes to your bedroom to refresh your mood.

Feng Shui in the bedroom can be trusted to give positive energy to the people who use the room. As quoted from, good feng shui can also increase your sex drive!

To get positive energy in your bedroom, it needs some changes and rearrangements.

1. Remove ‘Junk’ from Room
Objects that are not used should be removed from the room. Piles of stuff that are not useful just to make room looks crowded. In addition, objects that never made sense of disappointment as a gift from ex-boyfriend should be removed from the room. Keep stuff like that gives negative energy. If you still love to throw it, at least these items can be stored in the warehouse. Continue reading “Feng Shui Bedroom, Energy To Start Today”