A cup of Chocolate Prevent Heart Attack + Stroke

Based on historical experience, chocolate is known as a cure various diseases. Recent research suggests that chocolate may also have benefits for treating heart disease and stroke. A research team in Southampton, England, showed that consumption of a cup of cocoa can prevent blood clots.

When a blood clot occurs in the brain or heart, will most likely be fatal. Cells in the blood called platelets are the clotting cause and a team of researchers showed that chocolate can resist platelet function.

Chocolate contains a substance called flavinoid are also found in red wine. Flavinoid can prevent coronary heart disease. However, the research they have found other ingredients in chocolate that may be useful to counteract platelet.

Such findings can be used for the treatment of heart disease and stroke prevention. But, it could also mean that a cup of delicious hot chocolate just important for people who have high-risk disease.

Another study in the Netherlands has shown that human blood types determine the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The study showed that blood type A, B, or AB have a high risk of DVT.

Blood type A without O content of high risk for carrying a variant of a protein called factor V Leiden that affect clotting. Protein variant is found in about 3% of European descent.

This study suggests that information on blood type may play a role in the regulation of DVT, especially to bring this protein variant. Thus, it is important for everyone to know their blood type.