Nutritional Requirements Under Age

Make sure the whole family, from babies to grandparents met their nutritional needs. Age appropriate healthy food guide below may help you.

Eating healthy is the foundation of good health. But the sort of food that is good for the whole family can be a challenge.

Each family member has different needs according to age, gender, activity level and medical condition. All must be taken into account when planning meals for the whole family.

For Mom and Dad

Generally, adults are advised to follow the following recommendations:

Control your intake of fat. Saturated fat in animal products can improve cholesterol levels and easily stored in the body as fat tissue. Try to get a fat intake of sources of unsaturated fats, particularly polyunsaturated fatty acids omega 3 contained in fish.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
Use iodized salt, but still limit your intake of salty foods. Exercise regularly to support your healthy diet. Exercise speeds up metabolism and provide additional manfat because your weight is more restrained. Continue reading “Nutritional Requirements Under Age”

Thanks to the Healthy Heart Fish Oil

A recent study showed that for those who are elderly, fish oil can help maintain heart health by influencing the activity elektric. It is known that the two pieces of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids consumed per week, with roasted or boiled, but not fried, very good for heart health. The statement has been reported in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Results of this study are supported by other studies that also concluded that the consumption of fish get used, it will be able to reduce the risk of sudden death. Previously it has been known that the consumption of tuna, mackerel, and salmon is a fish species rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which proved to be very useful for the heart.
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Complaints Against Discharge

The vagina is very prone to sex organs infected by the fungus, especially if less keep it clean. Especially if you live in the tropics, which is a fertile ground for development of fungi.

Fungal infections can cause vaginal discharge that often make women become uncomfortable. Symptoms include vaginal discharge that is thick discharge from the vagina, vaginal fluid milk white or yellowish, often itchy vagina, and smelling.

Actually, the vagina has a natural mechanism to clear himself, namely with the produced fluids every day. The cleaning process is aided by the good bacteria present in the vagina. Bacteria from the vagina was in charge of keeping the bad bacteria that attacks coming from the outside environment.

Some things that can be done so that women avoid fungal infections that cause vaginal discharge, namely:
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The Free and Restricted Due to Uric Acid

When uric acid levels more than the size of a person’s normal (above 7 mg / dl), it is recommended to avoid foods class A and class B. restrict food consumption Even if uric acid levels exceed 10 mg / dl, accompanied by swelling of the joints, you should not eat foods that contain purines at all. Types of foods that are relatively safe for consumption that is included in group C.

All types of carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, cassava, wheat, tapioca, sugar, macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, bread and biscuits should be eaten. Meanwhile, certain types of fish, chicken, eggs, tofu, tempeh, and oncom limited to a maximum 50 g / day. Consumption of meat can be substituted with milk and cheese are lower purinnya content. Continue reading “The Free and Restricted Due to Uric Acid”

A cup of Chocolate Prevent Heart Attack + Stroke

Based on historical experience, chocolate is known as a cure various diseases. Recent research suggests that chocolate may also have benefits for treating heart disease and stroke. A research team in Southampton, England, showed that consumption of a cup of cocoa can prevent blood clots.

When a blood clot occurs in the brain or heart, will most likely be fatal. Cells in the blood called platelets are the clotting cause and a team of researchers showed that chocolate can resist platelet function.

Chocolate contains a substance called flavinoid are also found in red wine. Flavinoid can prevent coronary heart disease. However, the research they have found other ingredients in chocolate that may be useful to counteract platelet.
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Select Side Fish

Fish rich in nutritional content. Either freshwater fish or saltwater fish, samaaĆ¢? Same has nutrients, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.


Higher protein content of fish protein dikacang cereals, beans, meat equivalent, slightly below the egg.
Fish protein is easily digested, so it is good for the digestive system of a toddler who has not sesempuna adults.
Fish proteins containing various amino acids in the amino acids that form close to the human body. Amino acid composition of fish protein is also more complete than other foods, one of which taurine, very useful to stimulate the growth of brain cells toddlers.
Fat Continue reading “Select Side Fish”

Potential Banana

The aging process is always accompanied by the increasing incidence of insufficiency of vitamin B6 status. This may be related to changes that occur in the elderly and affects the metabolism of vitamin B6.

While the mechanism has yet to be explained, some of the results of research conducted experimentally demonstrate a link between vitamin B6 status with immune response and cognitive capacity in the elderly.

A study published in 1990 showed that the banana can meet the 2/3 requirement of vitamin B6 in the elderly with low economic status who live in areas that meet the needs metropolitan.Ada also vitamin B6 it only from vegetables and fruits. Important facts from this research is that bananas contain vitamin B6 which can meet as many as 30 percent of the total requirement of vitamin B6. Another advantage of the banana is nature nutrient dense, economical, and able to meet the needs of vitamin B6 and folate in significant quantities and ready to eat and is very suitable to prevent early dementia. Continue reading “Potential Banana”

Folic Acid To Normalize Sperm Function

Folic acid protects the fetus than useful to avoid birth defects, also serves to make normal sperm. Is it true?

During this time a lot of folic acid consumed by pregnant women to prevent fetal defects at birth. However, scientists from the University of California, United States (U.S.), found that folic acid useful remain fertile sperm and normal.

“We found a strong correlation between eating habits that high folic acid and abnormal sperm disorder. Ordinary man taking folic acid is known to improve the condition of normal sperm,” said Brenda Eskenazi, researchers from the University of California, as reported by the journal Human Repoduction.
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Prevent Preeclampsia with Folic Acid

Consumption of folic acid or folic acid during pregnancy is known to be especially useful in preventing defects in the baby’s brain and nervous system. But according to research experts in Canada, the benefits of folic acid is not only limited to prevent babies kecatatan. Take a multivitamin containing folic acid early in the second trimester of pregnancy can reduce the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women.

According to the research team led by Dr. Shi Wu Wen at the University of Ottawa, a balanced intake of folate plays an important role in placental development. Folate appears to have benefited the formation of endothelial cells, specialized cells that line blood vessels throughout the body and placenta.

Preeclampsia, also called toxemia of pregnancy, is a disorder or a progressive disorder that characterized the presence of protein in the urine and high blood pressure. This disorder may be followed by symptoms pembengakakan, drastically increasing body weight, headaches and impaired vision. However in some women, preeclampsia was only demonstrated with few symptoms. Continue reading “Prevent Preeclampsia with Folic Acid”

Tips For Children Like Vegetables

Serve in an attractive form.
Pile of cooked spinach in the bowl will not make children interested. But his eyes would light up if they see broccoli trees. In the meantime, you can present the sauteed vegetables to the older child, then teach them how to use chopsticks.

Serve the vegetables are crisp.
The kids hate food that is too soft, so avoid cooking vegetables in a very long time. Instead, simply boiled, steamed, reheat in oven or serve in a raw state. Through this, the child is not too lose vitamins.

Encourage children to shop.
Explore every aisle in the supermarket vegetables so that your child can see a variety of fruits and sayur.dan at each visit, let him choose a new type of vegetables that will be eaten together in the week. Children will love to see their selection of vegetables to be part of the diet.
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