Complaints Against Discharge

The vagina is very prone to sex organs infected by the fungus, especially if less keep it clean. Especially if you live in the tropics, which is a fertile ground for development of fungi.

Fungal infections can cause vaginal discharge that often make women become uncomfortable. Symptoms include vaginal discharge that is thick discharge from the vagina, vaginal fluid milk white or yellowish, often itchy vagina, and smelling.

Actually, the vagina has a natural mechanism to clear himself, namely with the produced fluids every day. The cleaning process is aided by the good bacteria present in the vagina. Bacteria from the vagina was in charge of keeping the bad bacteria that attacks coming from the outside environment.

Some things that can be done so that women avoid fungal infections that cause vaginal discharge, namely:

Clean the vagina each time and small bowel. How to flush water from the vagina to the anus. Do not do otherwise because it can transfer germs from the anus to the vagina.
Dry the vagina with a soft towel or tissue that is not easily torn and not flavorful. Vagina and the surrounding area is a very sensitive area and moist. The condition was highly favored by the fungus.
Rinse the vagina with clean fresh water and a little soap after every shower. The area just outside the vagina washed.
Change underwear at least twice a day to reduce the risk of mold growth.
Choose underwear made of cotton because it is easier to absorb sweat.
Ensure cleanliness of the water when using a public toilet facilities.
When menstruating, change the bandage regularly, ie 4-6 times a day and after urination and large. At the time of menstruation, germs can easily enter and cause disease in the female reproductive tract.
Try not spraying fragrances or using scented soaps too to eliminate vaginal odor. Actions that can cause irritation and disrupt the chemical balance in the vagina.
Lately, a lot of women who douche or vaginal douching, spraying or wiping the vagina with a special cleaning fluid vaginal sold in the market. Actually, douching is not recommended at all, unless you get a recommendation from a doctor who had done the previous inspection.

Douching can cause the pH (acidity) of the vagina becomes unbalanced, resulting in good bacteria into the vagina was dead and infected by bacteria from the evil outside. If it is allowed, then the infection will spread to the reproductive organs are located deeper.