Leader Attitudes Affecting the Health of Workers

An incompetent boss not only make the office atmosphere becomes less favorable. Leadership poor person can cause health problems for the workers.

As quoted marie claire, according to researchers, the lack of support and response from the bosses make workers feel pressured. This can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as smoking.

Research conducted in Sweden, studied more than 3,000 men who worked for nearly a decade. Researchers found that if a person works with a bad boss for four years or more, the chances of serious heart disease increased by 64 percent.

According to Cathy Ross, a cardiac physician in the United states, workers who feel unappreciated and moral support can lead to stress and unhealthy behaviors.

“Unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, poor diet, drinking alcohol and not exercising, Add a risk of heart problems,” added Ross.

Previously, there are studies showing that incompetent boss can cause mental illness.

Do you belong to an incompetent boss or you’re working with a bad boss? Immediately communicate that routine work more smoothly and maintain health.